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Main Services

Key Holding


  • Gives you the peace of mind that there will always be someone there in case you can’t be.


House Cleaning

  • Our cleaner has been with Alpine Concierge for the last 8 years. She is efficient, dependable and does a great job.
  • We may schedule a second cleaner depending on the day.
  • House cleaning checklist will be sent to you via email.

$45/hour per cleaner

Property Checks

  • Set up weekly, bi-weekly, monthly (check with your insurance company to see what works best for your home).
  • Property checks are done on Wednesdays and the occasional Thursdays.
  • Any non-scheduled checks to be charged out as Concierge time.
  • Property checks will be sent to you via email.
  • Mail forwarding at $10.00 plus cost of postage.


Concierge Time

  • Need something done during regular business hours?
  • Item pick up? Forgot oven on?
  • Check for open windows?
  • Grocery pick up?
  • Let in a trades person?

$50/hour. Minimum 1 hour charge, 20 minutes after.

Booking Fee

  • Need a plumber, electrician or chimney sweep booked?
  • We will book whatever service you need, make payment on your behalf and charge it to your monthy invoice.
  • Copy of work invoice will be provided (concierge time per hour applied if you need us to let them in and follow up with work being done.)

Fee $15.00

Property Maintenance


If you are looking for a written quote from a company I can provide that for you. If the trade or company needs to get into your home, then add on Concierge time to let them in.

Hot Tub Maintenance

Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly checks, top up your water and check/adjust chemical-levels, clean or change filters every 3 months (or when needed) at an extra $30/filter clean.(prices may vary depending on filter style)

$249 for a drain, fill and clean of your hot tub.We must have access to water or there will be concierge time added to allow access into the house.  Any extra maintenance/repairs may be charged out as a booking fee,Concierge time and cost of service.


Lawn Maintenance

Lawn mowing, trims, fertilizing, watering, raking, seeding gardening, weeding, irrigation set up, winterization.
(Landscaping will result in a quote)

$48/hour per worker, (material, fertilizer extra)

Snow Removal

Price varies depending on the size of the driveway, sidewalks, walkways etc.
Snow removal will continue through the entire snow season.  We do not put snow removal on hold.  If your driveway is clear before, we will skip it and continue on.
Snow will be cleared within 48 hours of the last snow fall as per town regulations.
Snow may be cleared back to back days depending on when the falls and when we last cleared your snow.


More Services

Services available but not limited to…


  • Furnace maintenance
  • Humidifier maintenance
  • Filter changes
  • Boiler and hot water tank maintenance
  • Gas fireplaces/appliance maintenance
  • Vents cleaned
  • Window cleaning/high dusting
  • Eaves cleaned (can be combined with above)
  • Wood burning fireplaces swept
  • Firewood chopped and stacked
  • Landscaping
  • Painting, staining interior/exterior of home
  • Smoke detectors/Co2 detectors checked
  • Home maintenance upgrades
  • Groceries purchased
  • Personal chefs hired

The Fine Print

  • Any Concierge time booked outside office hours may be charged at double time
  • Any cancellations within 24 hours may be subject to a $50 cancellation fee
  • Any bookings taken within 24 hours may be subject to extra charges
  • Invoices not paid within 30 days will be charged a late fee
  • NSF cheques received will be charged a $50 fee
  • Any additional purchases or contracted out services not including housecleaning, hot tub maintenance, lawn maintenance, snow removal or concierge time are subject to a 10% service charge

All prices subject to GST.
Services with Alpine Concierge automatically start with a monthly Key Holding fee
*TBD- to be determined
***Please note that most trades also book at overtime hours outside of these hours, on weekends and holidays***