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Maintenance Request form:

Maintenance Schedule Recommendations:
Furnace Service Yearly
Humidifier Service SpringAutumn
Vents cleaned Every 2 yearsEvery 3 years
Air to Air Exchanger Service Yearly
Air-conditioner Service Spring
Hot water/boiler service Yearly
Gas fireplace service Yearly
Wood fireplaces swept SpringAutumn
Fridge condensers cleaned Yearly
C02 detectors tested Monthly
CO2 detectors batteries changed Yearly
Smoke detectors tested Monthly
Smoke detectors batteries changed Yearly
Eaves Cleaned SpringAutumn
Interior Windows cleaned As needed
Exterior Windows cleaned As needed
High Dusting As needed
Carpets cleaned YearlyAs Requested
House cleaning WeeklyBi-weeklyMonthlyAs per request only
Property checks WeeklyBi-WeeklyMonthlyOther
Exterior staining/painting Every 2 yearsEvery 3 yearsEvery 4 yearsEvery 5 years This depends on location & quality of previous stain/paint
Firewood chopped and stacked As needed
Elevator Maintenance Yearly
Hot Tub empty, clean and refill Every 3 monthsEvery 4 monthsEvery 5 monthsEvery 6 months
Snow Removal As needed
Lawn Maintenance WeeklyBi-weeklyMonthly CuttingWeedingAeratingSeeding